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Procentrica is a collection of exceptionally bright minds with a passion for Process and the philosophy of a Process Centric approach to solving problems. Using various tools (BPM, SOA, Container management, ECM, you name it), we aim to fulfill the strategic objectives of our clients to ignite their competitive advantage.

Becoming the best in your market requires focus and continuous process improvement - represented best with a Spiral - which is the graphics used throughout Procentrica. At first, a spiral has a long circumference and it becomes smaller and easier as you learn how to embrace continuous process improvements.

Welcome to Procentrica! Let us help you to unlock your Process Potential.

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Unlock your process potential

Business Process Management (BPM)

Let Procentrica unlock your process potential. Where are you in your process journey?

Business process modeling: Take your processes from pieces of paper and the minds of your employees and draw them out. Where can they be improved?
Process Engineering: Your processes should be standardized, modeled according to best practice and attention given to the correct Process Levels. A standardized, correctly leveled process can be re-used throughout the organization.
Business Process Management: Turn your Processes into the software to optimize the knowledge workers in your enterprise - automating their mundane tasks and only giving them the tasks where decisions need to be made that software can't make. Imagine how your productivity would increase!
BPM tools Procentrica uses include TIBCO, IBM, OpenText, Bizagi.

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The modern-day business often operates within a complex IT environment with disparate systems, different technologies and standards, and integration will be required to expose functionality.
Having an effective middleware solution, capable of sustaining the rate at which integration is required is quickly becoming core. Whether your environment is a monolithic SOA based system or a more complex micro-service architecture, a fit for purpose middleware platform is key.
The trend towards providing services by the means of APIs requires a well-structured API strategy which should cover topics such as API Management (APIM), Identity and Access Management (IAM), and Analytics. Internal or external. Build your services re-usable, fine-grained and orchestrated to amplify their business value.

Our Services

  • Business Process Management (BPM)

    Procentrica is South Africa's Leading provider of BPM Consulting offering unmatched Technical skills combined with Process Engineering expertise.

  • Process Consulting

    Process consulting is the science of creatively defining and improving business processes, Process Re-engineering, Process quality, and continuous improvement.

  • Integration

    A service orchestrated architecture (SOA) enabled with micro service patterns using DevOps to deliver a robust, reliable amplifies business value and re-usability to the business.

  • Methodology

    Procentrica has a proven methodology developed from international best practice approaches to business process automation.

  • Solution design

    From Strategic vision through to tested software that users love and are trained on – Procentrica will partner with you and use your processes to reignite your business value.

  • Process Modeling

    The science of extracting intellectual property from users heads and modeling them on paper, improving and re-engineering these processes. Care should be taken to level the process correctly, keeping it understandable and readable to users. Task level (finer grain) activities should be in the lowest level of the process, which are candidates for automation.

List of all the clients that Procentrica have

Our Clients

Procentrica prides itself in enabling our clients (locally and abroad) to optimize their business processes according to industry best practice standards in order to achieve the best performance levels possible.
Our diverse client base is characterized by a common trait, which is a sincere recognition of the importance and strategic value that both technology and our advanced process-centric business approach brings to their endeavors.

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The kind of person we recruit is someone with a B.Sc or B.Com who is willing to live and breathe a new way of solving problems.
Although a technical background is a pre-requisite, we are not traditional programmers. We master the tools and methodologies of major software vendors, then take this knowledge to the market to help our clients build their brands.
If you are a self-starter who is able to work under pressure, then you may be a good fit.
Submit your CV for consideration to jobs@procentrica.co.za


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